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Air booster pump, in a nutshell, is a kind of equipment used to raise the pressure of air source. Of course, it can also be used for air pressure testing, air tightness testing, etc. Products can be divided into 2/3/4/5 multiples according to multiples. The larger the multiples, the smaller the flow rate after high pressure.
The air booster pump is a piston type booster pump with compressed air as its power source. When intake air, the valve core of the booster gas control valve is switched back and forth, and the piston of the booster valve is controlled to move back and forth at a very fast speed. With the increase of the output pressure, the reciprocating speed of the piston slows down until it stops. At this time, the output pressure of the booster pump reaches a constant value, and the energy consumption of each component stops working reaches a minimum. Whatever the cause of pressure drop in the pressure retaining circuit, the booster pump will automatically start the supplementary pressure to achieve the effect of constant pressure in the circuit.
What are the characteristics of air booster pump products?
1. High performance-price ratio: Relevant to the purchase of a large air compressor (high cost and noise), it is more cost-effective to use air booster pump to improve air pressure.
2. Safe operation: gas-driven, no arc and spark, can be used in risk areas.
3. Automatic Pressure Maintenance: Whatever the reason for the pressure drop in the pressure retaining circuit, the booster pump will automatically start up, supplement the leakage pressure, and adhere to the stability of the pressure in the circuit.
4. Wide range of output: Only a small pressure is required to work smoothly, at which time the minimum flow can be obtained, and different flow can be obtained after adjusting the intake.
5. High output pressure: the maximum gas output pressure can reach 80 Mpa.
6. Easy to adjust: In the pressure range of the pump, adjust the adjusting valve, so as to adjust the input air pressure to control, output air pressure, hydraulic pressure has been adjusted.
7. Application sensitivity: Different types of pumps can be selected to obtain different pressure areas.
8. Simple maintenance: The pump can accomplish the same work as other gas drive pumps, but its parts and seals are few, and maintenance is simple.
9. Wide scope of application: working medium can be compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor and natural gas, with high reliability, maintenance-free and long service life.
What is the difference between an air booster pump and an air booster system?
The air booster pump is a part of the air booster system. The intact air booster system also includes various accessories such as gas storage tank, drainage valve, safety valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, high pressure pipeline, pressure relief valve, etc. Under the same specifications, the price of air booster pump is much more affordable than that of air booster system.
Application Site of Air Supercharging Pump
普通紧缩机进步空气压力、气控阀气动执行器、数控机床夹紧安装 、气动打捆机、 喷码机、三坐标丈量仪、 气动打标机、 气缸夹紧力缺乏等场所;阀门气密性检测、压力容器检测、空调盘管检测、储气罐内气体的恒定补充。
Common compressor improves air pressure, pneumatic actuator of pneumatic control valve, clamping installation of numerical control machine tool, pneumatic bundler, jet printer, coordinate measuring instrument, pneumatic marking machine, lack of clamping force of cylinder and other places; valve tightness testing, pressure vessel testing, air conditioning coil testing, constant supplement of gas in gas storage tank.
1. Large caliber cylinder can not be installed, but the output force must be ensured.
2. Air-controlled remote operation requires pressurization to compensate for pressure loss.
3. High pressure is required for individual or partial installation in the air passage.
4. Used for filling various gases.
5. For air tightness testing.
6. We hope to shorten the time of charging to a certain pressure in the gas tank.
7. Hydraulic pressure of linkage cylinder with progressive demand.
8. When the pressure of the main air passage of the factory falls and the lowest operating pressure of the pneumatic installation cannot be guaranteed, the pressurized pump shall be used to provide high-pressure gas to maintain the normal operation of the pneumatic installation, etc.
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